Tedd Watt, Senior Vice-President First Valley Bank

“First Valley Bank worked closely with David Spirk and Spirk Brothers, Inc. because of their experienced, well-trained, and responsive staff, and proven construction, management, and decision-making capabilities. SBI was responsible for the full, pre, and post foreclosure management and ORE operations through the final sale of all ORE properties by the Bank to third parties, including the financial analysis to make the proper initial decision to foreclose or not to foreclose, as well as the financial analysis required to accurately determine the cost to hold a property during the Bank’s control and ownership. Under SBI’s management and leadership, the Bank’s total expenses related to the foreclosure process and ORE property management were minimized and compare very favorably to its banking peers. In addition, directly due to SBI’s prompt and timely property management the Bank’s ORE holding period was minimized.”

Steve Thierry, Senior Plant Engineer General Mills

general-mills“Spirk Brothers, Inc. quickly became our first and virtually only call when it came to our plant operations construction work. I know when a Spirk Brothers representative is on our site leading the operation at hand we are assured of top quality workmanship coupled with the best decision making in order to protect our goals and needs.”

think green

Thinking Green Initiative

Through innovative, sustainable actions we are able to not only to create value and beauty beyond expectation for our clients, but also help to contribute to the long-term vision of respect, reuse and recycle. Our clients will “feel the excitement of getting something special.” Being a part of the Green Business program helps us to deliver that promise.